Saturday, June 2, 2012

Marc Miller's Traveller 5 Kickstarter

Marc Miller has introduced a Traveller 5 Kickstarter project. 

This is exciting news, for those of us who fondly remember classic Traveller, and Marc has promised to update and modernize this fantastic old-school game.


Joshua said...

There goes my next paycheck! Oh, lordy!

Aaron E. Steele said...

I empathize, with all these worthy kickstarter projects, there go my next 6 months of paycheques.

Andreas Davour said...

I got to see a manuscript for the legendary 5th ed some time ago, and frankly I would not add a cent to this project. That was a rules set that looked like it was from 1981. Rules and tables and procedures and rules and...

Very overwrought.

Maybe that's what Traveller fans want?

What I saw was very far from the "rulings, not rules" feel so often exalted in the OSR crowd.

I'd love to see some examples of the final T5.