Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Box Inserts

While I help organize the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game sessions in St. Albert, there is another PACG organizer, Jason, who takes care of the Edmonton sessions.

 He and I both have inserts for the Pathfinder Base Set. He is using the insert from Broken Token (seen below), which has 4 complete rows for cards, and a fifth, smaller row, for dice, pencils and other paraphernalia.

My Base Set contains the Go7 Gaming insert, which has 5 complete card rows, and also uses clear acrylic dividers rather than the wooden dividers included with the Broken Token box insert.

While I prefer the Go7 Gaming insert, it is slightly more expensive, at $31, compared to the cheaper Broken Token insert that sets you back $27.

I appreciate the design of the Go7 insert, having 5 full rows, which allows me to store additional cards, including the new class decks.

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The Dale Wardens said...

Looks handy. Thanks for the post!

David S.
Minnesota, USA