Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Belated San Francisco Sushi Post

This blogpost is only one year late ... since my spouse and I visited San Francisco a year ago!

I was cleaning up some photos from my Blackberry, and came across these shots of the exterior and menu of a restaurant we visited while in San Francisco.  It's hard to find good sushi in St. Albert and Edmonton, so having a chance to patronize a decent sushi restaurant while travelling in California is impossible to pass up.  Sushi Boat has actual sushi boats, that float past you, allowing you to grab the plates of sushi as they go by.

Here are a couple of shots of the menu.  The sushi was in the California style, which I cannot complain about, since  it introduces some delectable fusions of flavours and textures.

I apologize for the glare from the overhead lights.  We were seated in a booth that has some low-hanging bulbs that made it hard to get a good shot of the menu.

The food was great, and we have yet to find a local sushi restaurant that has anywhere near the variety and complexity of sushi dishes we enjoyed at Sushi Boat.  My only complaint (and it seems to be one several other patrons have alluded to on the restaurant review sites) was the below-average service.

Still, the food was excellent and I hope to get a chance to visit San Francisco and Sushi Boat again!

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Rebecca Johnson said...

ah sweet sushi! you made my mouth water!