Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Far, Far Better Character

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game allows you to build your characters as decks of cards, representing your significant possessions, weapons, armor, spells, divine favour, and key allies.  The deck of cards, above, is for my Skull & Shackles Bard character.

Each player is limited to a certain number of cards (in the above instance, I and my fellow players currently have a deck limit of 16 cards).  This deck limit balances the characters, ensuring rough equivalence in powers and abilities between characters at the table, and is also used as a resource management tool. 

As you participate in PACG adventures, you attempt to complete certain objectives, while collecting additional cards representing better equipment, spells, divine favour and allies, from which you draw to replace inferior cards. 

During certain game events, players may choose or be required to discard cards from their decks: those cards represent both the character's available activities and the health of the character.  When a player runs out of cards, their character dies.


JB said...

That's actually pretty cool/interesting. I'd be interested in reading how the game plays.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I can certainly post an example of play in the next couple of days.

The Dale Wardens said...

It's actually a very good game for an intro to rpgs. My wife was a board gamer that really didn't like the feel of the openness of traditional rpgs. The PF card game introduced all the concepts and gave her the familiarity with the stats etc.