Saturday, October 13, 2012

Otherworld Miniatures Crowd-Funding: Dungeon Adventurers

Otherworld Miniatures is running a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo, featuring four, 12-miniature sets of dungeon adventurers.  And you're not participating in this, why?

For $280, you get all four, 12-miniature figure sets (a total of 48 miniatures): male adventurers, demi-humans, females, and hirelings and henchmen.  Plus, as the stretch goals are unlocked, a whole raft of additional figures and adventure-dressing get added to your pledge. 

Check out some of the miniatures that have already been produced for this crowd-funding campaign:  here are the fighter, magic-user, cleric and thief miniatures from the first 12-figure set.

It's no secret that I consider Otherworld Miniatures the premium producer of old-school minis.  I've posted about their miniatures on several occasions, about their pig-faced orcs and lizardmen, both faithful reproductions of the original artwork for those monsters.  They also recently released an awesome lich, which is on my "must-buy" list.

The Dungeon Adventurers crowd-funding campaign is attractive to me because the figures are incredibly old-school, complete with light-sources and backpacks (see below).

Compare that to your typical figure from other manufacturers, which are uniformly heroically posed and are absent any evidence that the represented characters are actually dungeon-delving.


Handgrenadealien said...

Someone was kind enough to post these on TMP earlier in the week and yes they are fantastic. Nice to see encumbered characters carrying their own light sources & generally looking a little down at heel.I won't be contributing to the campaign but will probably by when they are released.
Regards HGA.

Sean Robson said...

I've been following this campaign with great interest. These are some of the nicest adventurer miniatures that I've ever seen, and I'm especially keen on the forthcoming Henchmen and Hirelings set.

Sadly I blew my load supporting the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, then got carried away with adding on extras using their post-KS pledge manager, so I won't be able to jump in on this one for fear of my wife's wrath. But I will be buying some of these once they're released!

Aaron E. Steele said...

I was in othe Reaper kickstarter as well. I was tempted to buy a second full set, but resisted.

Black Vulmea said...

I like that they look like what my character sheet says my character should look like - pouches, pack, torch or lantern, coil of rope, &c.

Kiltedyaksman said...

These are lovely, I just wish the poses were a little more dynamic. We'll see. Otherworld has my support regardless.

DrBargle said...

Reaper's Bones ate up my gold, I'm afraid. And built an unreasonable expectation as to the gold to miniature exchange rate.

I'm sure they'll fund, and I'll be picking these up piecemeal over the next few years.