Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pathfinder Pre-Painted Miniatures: Lost Coast Gems

The next set of Paizo pre-painted Pathfinder miniatures, designated The Lost Coast, are being released in November 2014. 

I don't expect I will purchase an entire case, as I have done in the past, as the number of unique figures in each case recently dropped from 55 to 45, but there are several figures in this set that are sufficiently useful and well designed that I intend to buy them individually. 

Alahazra, above, is one of my favorite iconic characters, and despite another, perhaps superior Alahazra sculpt being released in early 2015, is on my list of Lost Coast Gems.

Damiel is the other iconic character that makes an appearance in The Lost Coast pre-painted miniatures set.  I think I would have preferred Jirelle over Damiel, but this character is still worth having a miniature for.

Several archers are included in this miniatures set, like the City Watch Sniper, the Forest Shadow, and the Elf Archer (all three displayed below).  These are decent sculpts and can stand in for player characters.

Several worthy Giant sculpts make an appearance in this miniatures set, included a Stone Giant (Conna the Wise), the Fire Giant King, and an Ogre (Malugus Kreeg).  The renditions of giants in Pathfinder have started to grow on me, although I still loathe the Pathfinder versions of trolls.

The last three miniatures to be featured in this post are Pazuzu, Lamashtu and the Mother Of Monsters, three creatures presumably unique to the Pathfinder universe, but interesting enough that I will be including them in my individual Pathfinder pre-painted miniatures purchase.



R.J. Thompson said...


Pazuzu is not unique to PF. It is a Babylonian plaque demon (a statue of which was famously used in "The Exorcist." Later he was incorporated as a lesser demon prince in D&D (stated out in the 1E Monster Manual 2) and recurred in 3rd edition.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I gather Lamashtu is from the same mythos.

Boric G said...

Be sure to keep me in mind if you have any "spares" that you don't want. I'll take 'em off your hands.