Monday, June 9, 2014

Valley Counters For Magic Realm

I've always thought that the use of warning chits in the valley and woods tiles of the Magic Realm game was redundant.  Those tiles only ever have one dwelling or monster appearing in them, so why not replace those chits with the dwelling counters themselves?

The Ghosts appear in the valley tile with the Bones V warning chit.  Bones V could be replaced with a Graveyard or Grave dwelling. 

I would suggest that alternative starting rules be used, with the adventurers moving onto the Board on Day 1, with all of the dwellings hidden at the start of the game.  All of the Dwelling counters would start face down (question-mark up) and the adventurers would have to discover which valley tiles held which dwellings, in addition to adventuring for wealth and acclaim.

Each set of dwelling counters would have a different color on the question-mark side, to identify which tiles they belong to.  Gold would be valleys, light green, woods, and so on.

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