Thursday, January 9, 2014

Want To Play Magic Realm At Gencon 2014?

A question for my fellow OSR gamers: Is there any interest in participating in a Magic Realm game at Gencon 2014, hosted by yours truly?

Me and the squire are planning to attend Gencon 2014, since it is also the 40th anniversary of D&D, and I thought it might be fun to organize an old-school game of Magic Realm during the convention. 

The "event submission" process for Gencon opens tomorrow, and if there are at least 7 other people interested in participating in a Magic Realm game, I will submit an event proposal to the Gencon organizers.


Rob of the North said...

I'm in! I've had MR since I was 12 and only last year managed to convince 2 others for a F2F game.

littlemute said...


Roger the GS said...

Would love to do some old school roleplaying with you guys but MR is not really my thing... I might consider running a 52 Pages session and if so will announce it first on my blog.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Rob and littlemute, thanks for expressing interest. Hopefully some more people are interested and we can get a game listed on the Gencon website. Roger, never played, or played and didn't like? I will watch your website for more about 52 pages session