Saturday, July 14, 2012

House For Sale In Citadel

My neighbor (the house on the far left side of the picture) is selling her house, as she is downsizing and wants to move to a house closer to where she works.  Great opportunity for one of you folks to move into Citadel ...

Okay, truth be told, i'm just looking for more gamers to move onto the culdesac.  I was complaining yesterday to Timeshadows of The Grand Tapestry that i'm not getting much in the way of gaming these days. 

Maybe some more die-hard gamers on the culdesac would help!

That's my house, the one the far right-hand side of the picture, with the silver car in the driveway.  Cloudy day today, which is fine by me, it's been a sweltering week and i'm glad of the respite.


Robert Saint John said...

Does it come with a job? And citizenship? Because I know you play the old microgames too, so it would almost be worth it to me. :D

Aaron E. Steele said...

:) No need for the citizenship, there are over 100,000 americans living and working in Calgary, out of a city of 1 million.

As for a job, unemployment is like 4% in Calgary and jobs go begging for lack of applicants.

Check out, which is a job website, you'll find lots of jobs are available.

darren said...

Hey Aaron. First your blog.

Interesting post, glad I read it.

Happy here in Vancouver so not making the jump anytime. However, would love to roll you into my campaign that I am starting up. 1st edition AD&D.


@9thChapter on Twitter

Aaron E. Steele said...

That sounds interesting. I'm not on twitter, can you send me an email (see my profile at the top of the screen)