Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hirst Arts - Cobblestone Floors

There's an old saying: make hay while the sun shines. With only 4 months of the year available for casting here in Calgary, i'm spending as much time as possible pouring plaster to make more Hirst Arts elements. Here are more fruits of my labours. Several 3" x 3" cobblestone floor tiles.
Some of the tiles have straight edges, while others have a wavy edge. The wavy edge permits the tiles to be placed along side each other, while minimizing the seam between the tiles.

These are my "master" tiles. Using these, I will create new molds to speed up the floor tile casting process.

I still need to get working on my wall tiles. Once I have produced a couple, I will post them.


The Happy Whisk said...

That's very cool. I'm digging the edges.

As for the warmer months, same here. We have August and Winter. And I guess a third season, we call it Mud.

So ... I gotta ask. Where's the dice?

kiltedyaksman said...

The wife doesn't let you cast in the winter? :)

Aaron E. Steele said...

Ivy: I cant fit all my dice into a picture, so it would be an exercize in futility! :)

KYM: No plaster-casting in the house. I want to stay married, so I adhere strictly to that rule. :D