Friday, July 22, 2011

Hirst Arts Elements Part III

My first Hirst Arts elements post was dominated by doors. This post features pillars.Here we have a corner pillar, a crate with a removable lid, a keg and a pillar section.
Here are two additional pillar sections, a plain pillar and a 3/4 corner pillar.
The top corner pillar has some interesting runes on the edges. There is also an alcove pillar, a pillar with a hooded figure, and a tubular pillar in the bottom corner.
Here are some other interesting elements, including another crate, various sacks of grain, a crystal ball and a lion's face.
Finally, we have a pile of coins, a broken barrel and pail, a pile of bones, and a campfire with flames.


christian said...

Those pillars are awesome!

Dangerous Brian said...

Well you've convinced me. Im putting in an order to Hirst. Any suggestions on what my starting packs should be?

Tim Shorts said...

We were just having a conversation tongiht at our game about such things. Rob (Bat in the Attic) made a few items and painted them. Nice work Paladin, errr Aaron.

Aaron E. Steele said...

@Christian: they'll look even better when painted!

@Brian: if you can find someone local that is already using hirst arts, i'd get together with them first to see if you like it. At $35 per mold, you can drop a lot of money on this hobby. As for molds, it depends on what you're after. A buddy of mind likes the fieldstone; I like gothic. Even within the broad categories, each mold has different elements. The first thing is to decide what you want to build, once you have decided that, I can give you some pointers on which molds will give you the most bang for your buck.

@Tim: hirst arts has some really neat elements, i'd love to see some pics of rob's stuff. :D