Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Spell: Larodrm's Leap Of Logic

Level: 2
Components: V,S,M
Range: touch
Casting time: 1 segment
Duration: special
Saving Throw: none
Area of Effect: creature touched

The arch-mage Larodrm, known for his laziness and fear of riding beasts, created a number of leaping and travelling spells to allow him to journey long distances with minimum effort. In addition to his Leap Of Logic spell, he also created the 9th level spell, Leap Year, which allowed him to leap, continuously for a year. Behind his back, the other arch-mages derisively named his Leap Of Logic spell, *LOL*, since the sight of Larodrm's leaping never ceased to fill them with great mirth.

Larodrm's Leap Of Logic spell allows the spell-target to leap a great distance. It is similar to the first level spell, Jump, but the distance leaped is equal to the throwing range of the creature affected.

The distance that can be leaped by the target is equal to the spell target's strength, times 10 feet (or yards, if outdoors) to a maximum of 140 feet (or yards, if outdoors). In order to use the Leap Of Logic spell, the target must toss a rock (properly ensorcelled and covered with runes) at the location he intends to leap to. The spell-target then leaps to that same location. The material component is a bag of ensorcelled rocks, with runes etched upon them.

This spell is similar to the 3rd level Cleric spell, Leap Of Faith, and the 3rd level Enchanter spell, Lover's Leap. The Leap Of Faith spell requires that the arrival location is in visual range and that the departure point is prepared with symbols of the deity of the person leaping the distance. The Lover's Leap spell requires that the person leaping can see their Lover to whose location they leap. Otherwise, the range is limited to the leaper's strength, times 10 feet (or yards, if outdoors) with the same maximum distance as the Leap Of Logic, and the leaper must imagine that his lover is at the location being leaped to.


Anonymous said...

Quite amusing and even useful in the right circumstances.

Is there a limitation on how much weight the leaper can carry with them?

Aaron E. Steele said...

I don't know. Probably not, since the leap has nothing to do with the weight of the leaper, only how far he or she can throw a stone.

I suppose if the person is encumbered, and therefore has difficulty throwing, the leaper's range would be curtailed.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I can't locate Larodrm (he seems to be out of scrying range) but my suspicion is that the stone thrower's mass must be the same between the time he throws the stone and he makes his leap. So the leaper COULD NOT throw the stone, then grab the elbows of two of his companions and carry them along during his leap. Changing his mass would disrupt the connection between himself and the thrown stone and nullify the power of the spell.

Just surmising, based on my understanding of the law of magical equivalences.

Akrasia said...
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Akrasia said...

Some of my undergraduate students seem to cast this spell with great frequency.

(Nice new look for the blog, btw.)

Aaron E. Steele said...

Heck, i'm still casting this spell, 20 years after graduating.

Thanks, it needed a bit of a face-lift