Friday, December 4, 2009

Spells in Magic Realm

Magic Realm provides a limited number of spells to the magic-using characters. This is perhaps unsurprising, since Magic Realm is a board game, with a limited number of turns, activities, monsters, and goals. Thus, the spells are tailored for use specifically within the confines of the game-system: all of the spells have specific in-game uses. This approach differs markedly from the D&D spell system, since D&D and other role-playing games must provide a large range of spells, only some of which have narrow or single-purpose uses.

Here is a list of the types of spells available in the Magic Realm game, by color, along with a very brief description of each.


Exorcize: every Demon and Imp in the same clearing as the caster is instantly killed, and all active spells and curses are instantly cancelled.

Make Whole: the target of this spell is brought back to full health, healing all fatigue and wounds, and all of the target's possessions are repaired.

Peace: if the target of the spell is a monster, it retires from combat. If the target is another player, that player cannot attack during this combat. The spell is broken if that monster or player is attacked.

Small Blessing: the target of this spell rolls on the "wishes" table, and is the beneficiary of that wish.


Blend Into Background: the target of this spell can perform an extra hide phase that turn.

Fog: cast on a hexagon, this spell prevents certain search activities from being performed in that target hex.

Guide Spider Or Octopus: the caster takes control of an directs the spiders or octopus in her clearing.

Poison: the target's weapon does additional damage due to poison.

Premonition: rather than being randomly determined, the target of the spell decides when to take her turn during the day.

Prophecy: the target of this spell does not have to plan and perform her written activities for the day, but chooses to do any activities she wishes as she takes her turn.

Remedy: cancels one spell or curse.

Stones Fly: the caster may use magic to animate and hurl stones at up to four opponents.

Talk to Wise Bird: the caster can use the peer activity to search any clearing on the map.

Witch's Brew: the caster can access gold or purple magic by casting this spell.


Elven Grace: increases the move speed of the spell's target.

Faerie Lights: gives the caster access to grey magic.

Illusion: makes searches by the target, or in a particular location, more difficult.

Lost: the target of this spell moves randomly, rather than to the location they specified in the list of their activities for that day.

Peace With Nature: this spell prevents new monsters from activating in the hexagon occupied by the caster.

Protection From Magic: the target of the spell is protected from spells and curses.

Pursuade: this spell pacifies any Ogres and Giants in the caster's clearing. The caster can then attempt to hire the Ogres or Giants.

See Hidden Signs: the caster can do an extra search activity that day.


Blazing Light: allows all players in the caster's underground clearing to perform an extra activity that day.

Dissolve Spell: cancels one active spell.

Elemental Spirit: give the caster access to black magic.

Enchant Artifact: permits the caster to place a spell into an artifact, and cast that spell using the artifact so enchanted.

Fiery Blast: the caster attacks all opponents in her clearing with a fireball.

Hurricane Winds: if cast in a mountain clearing, the target of this spell is swept away to safety, to a clearing of the caster's choosing.

Lightning Bolt: if cast in a mountain clearing, the caster can attack one target with a lightning bolt.

Melt Into Mist: turns the target into mist, preventing the target from attacking or blocking, or being attacked or blocked.

Phantasm: creates a phantasm, controlled by the caster, that can move and search independently from the caster.

Roof collapses: if cast in a cave clearing, the caster and all others in the same clearing have the cave-roof collapse upon them, inflicting damage.

Sense Danger: the target of this spell can ready her weapon or otherwise avoid being surprised.

Transform: transforms the target of the spell into an animal or monster, based on the roll on the transform table.

Unleash Power: allows the caster to substantially enhance her fight and move abilities.

Violent Storm: all players in the target hexagon are the subject to a violent storm, resulting in the loss of a number of activities.

Whistle For Monsters: summons monsters to the hexagon specified by the caster.


Absorb Essence: the caster takes over the target monster, becoming the monster.

Ask Demon: the caster can ask any one question, the answer to which must be revealed.

Bad Luck: the target of this spell must add or subtract one to the result of any roll on a table (depending on which is more disadvantageous).

Broomstick: the target is able to fly.

Control Bats: the caster takes control of an directs the giant bats in her clearing.

Curse: the target of the spell consults the curses table, and is inflicted with the rolled curse.

Deal With Goblins: this spell pacifies any Goblins in the caster's clearing. The caster can then attempt to hire the Goblins.

Pentacle: the target of this spell is protected from attacks by the Demons and the Imp.

Power Of The Pit: the target rolls on the power of the pit table, and is inflicted with the result (including immediate death).

World Fades: the target of this spell can immediately attempt to hide.


Timeshadows said...

--Thanks. :D

A Paladin In Citadel said...

I have seen the Sorcerer, who has access to purple magic, played to good effect. I think purple magic is by far the most powerful in Magic Realm.

Mark said...

The combination of Fiery Blast and Melt into Mist is potent. Both the Sorcerer and Witch King can blast a stack of goblins from hiding and then melt away in order to escape.

Other fun spell uses:

The Elf using a controlled bat as a mount to fly across the board.

The Magician turns a tremendous dragon into a squirrel and hunts him down with his knife.

The Witch absorbs the essence of a tremendous armored troll and, taking its form, wipes out the Patrol.